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Dog Friendly Fencing Tips

dog fencing

Vinyl fences are perfect for dog fencing.

If you’re a dog owner and you don’t like the look or maintenance requirements of a wood fence, vinyl fencing may be the perfect solution for you. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure your fence works for your pet without suffering any damage.

Preventing Under Fence Escapes

Vinyl fences typically consist of pre-designed panels attached to support posts. That means installing a vinyl fence is incredibly easy, but it will also limit your customization options when it comes to board length. Some dogs can traverse through spaces beneath fences that go over uneven ground. The most simple way to combat this without installing a custom fence is to attach a board, wood or vinyl, along the bottom of the fence in order to seal the gap. Another option would be to fill the space with soil, gravel, or a concrete curb.

Preventing Fence Jumping

The opposite problem, of course, is a dog that jumps over your fence. Some dogs can leap higher than even six feet tall fences. Adding decorative panels to the top of your fence may enable you to get some additional height You can also install coyote rollers, vinyl pipes that are strung on thinner pipes along the top of the fence. These pipe rolls prevent dogs from getting a grip over the fence.

Add a Viewing Bubble

If your dog barks a lot as people stroll past your fence, your dog may be having anxiety issues. Vinyl fences create a full barrier, so unlike wood fences there are no slots through which your dog can peek between. Hearing noises but not being able to see what’s happening on the other side may cause your dog to bark or experience anxiety. A fun, easy solution is to install a viewing bubble. A viewing bubble installed at ground level will give your pet a small space through which it can look out.

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