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How to Get More Out Your Garden Fence

How to Get More Out Your Garden Fence

Luckily, it’s not as challenging to jazz up your garden fence and get it to do more than just protect your yard.

We all want to make our gardens increase their yield. But even if you’ve got a green thumb, that can be difficult to do. Luckily, it’s not as challenging to jazz up your garden fence and get it to do more than just protect your yard. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild.

Use Wall Art

Your fence could be a dull wall separating your yard from your neighbor’s, but why? If you’ve enjoyed wall art you might see from time to time in the city, you can use it to add a splash of life to your home, too. Give your kids a weekend project and sketch out some new artwork. Call a family meeting to decide which one should go up on the fence, and then get it laminated so that the rain can’t ruin it.

Once it’s ready, hang it up on the fence. You can either display it inside the fence or on the outside. But as with any other fence modification, consult with your homeowner’s association first. Before doing anything, you want to be sure you can even try it in the first place.

Try Different Garden Styles

Most gardens are planted into the ground and are supposed to be kept flat and level. How about trying a vertical garden? Hang one from your garden fence. If you’ve planted fence-friendly vines and other plants, they might be helpful when trying to establish a vertical garden. You can make your garden fence a talking point as well as improve your backyard crops. Just make sure your fence is sturdy enough to handle the extra weight, though!

Increase Lighting

Spending nights out in your yard during the fall can be just as delightful as during the summer. Bonfires are still a good idea, but you might want to hang up more lights on your garden fence. Whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding reception, you’ll be sure to have some occasion to try this design tip.

Add a Birdhouse

Most birds might be heading south for the winter, but for those that remain, hang up a birdhouse. Not all birds migrate, after all.

Bowl Holders

If your pets enjoy frolicking in your garden, they might get thirsty. You could get a dog bowl that easily attaches to your fence for them. Even if you have a cat, they might still sneak drinks from the dog’s bowl. Besides, you might want a cup holder for yourself too!

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