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Aluminum Vs. Steel: Which is right for your Virginia Beach home?

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Is Aluminum fencing right for you?

Aluminum and steel fencing may both look appealing to the new homeowner. These two types of residential fencing can be constructed to look eye-pleasing, so the decision of which type of fence to install may be a difficult one. If you want your house to have curb appeal, which type of fence is best to install?

Benefits of Aluminum Residential Fencing

Aluminum is lightweight but durable, as you will not find corrosion take place from harsh weather. It can withstand snow and heavy rainstorms and should last for quite a number of years. If you are trying to save some dough, aluminum fencing may be a viable option for your home. It is less costly than steel fencing because of the lightweight and readily available material. Do you have a pool in your backyard? Since it will not be affected by corrosion like other fencing options, it is a great type of material to enclose the pool with. Water can splash on the fence and not affect it. If you change your mind down the road about the kind of residential fencing you want around your house, have no worry. Aluminum fences are easy to recycle so your “green” wife can be rest assured it will be disposed of properly.

Negatives of Aluminum Fencing

While there are not many drawbacks to aluminum fencing, there are a couple of deterrents. It can be easily bent, so if your teenager likes to hop over it on his way to a friend’s house, you may notice a dent over time. It is not effective for security purposes, but rather aesthetic feelings, though it may prevent bunnies from eating your garden.

Benefits of Steel Fencing

Superman: Man of Steel. Is that not the first thing you think about when we say steel? Obviously the name now speaks for itself: it is tough, sturdy, and powerful. It lasts for a long time and can be used for protection and security. Since the material is so heavy, it is wind resistant and will keep unwanted visitors out of your yard.

Downfalls of Steel Fencing

Steel might rust over time from weather and other conditions. Many residential steel fences are galvanized so the rusting problem will be minimized. It is more difficult to install (but not for Hercules Fence!) for the do-it-yourself type. It is less practical for family use, but if you live in a large house with a lot of land, it may be a good option. Many industrial sites use steel fencing, to give you an example. Steel fencing is more expensive because of its weight and durability.

Which residential fence is right for your house?

As we described before, aluminum fencing is great for curb appeal and for common outdoor needs. If you would like a bit more security, steel fence is the way to go. Budget is another factor to consider: what type of fence can you afford to put in right now? In Virginia Beach, the salty air wafts in often so aluminum would be the first choice of material to avoid rusting.

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