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Benefits of a Privacy Fence — At the Beach and Everywhere

benefits of a privacy fence

Enjoy your privacy, courtesy of Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach

Your backyard is your space. Not for the deer, not for nosy neighbors — just you. A wooden privacy fence will help you accomplish that. Particularly at the beach, where sandy swimsuits are shed and romantic evenings are enjoyed, the extra touch of privacy can be a huge boost to property resale or rental value. Read on to learn more about what you stand to gain from a privacy fence.

The Many Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Privacy: The obvious one. Alternating boards will essentially form a wall around your backyard. This is great for enjoying your pool without anyone seeing you, or for simply enjoying the sun and warmth of the upcoming spring and summer without worrying about putting yourself on display.

Decoration: A more solid surface can lead the way to some great decorative touches to your fence. Whether you choose to paint it or incorporate it into landscaping by letting vines crawl up it, a privacy fence lends itself to beautification quite well.

Protection: This one sort of falls into the line of privacy, but it’s worth differentiating. In addition to keeping prying eyes out, you’ll also keep intruders — human or animal — out of your yard. You’ll also be able to keep pets and children in, eliminating fear of them running away unsupervised. Finally, the solid surface will act as a windbreaker, leaving you safe from gusty ocean breezes that could knock over a table or ruin your landscaping.

Noise reduction: Who wants to be bothered by the sounds of cars rushing by while enjoying a dip in the pool or a summer laze in the sun? Nobody, that’s who. A privacy fence also offers a significant noise barrier from disturbing and unwanted sounds. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to hear the rolling sounds of the tide when you head back out to the beach later.

Of course, everyone who installs a privacy fence will be looking to get something unique out of it. Luckily the benefits of a privacy fence are expansive enough that it has something to offer for a huge variety of purposes and needs.

Enjoy Your Privacy, Courtesy of Hercules

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