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Chain-Link Fencing Applications


chain link fencing

Chain-link is secure are versatile.

Chain-link fences are used throughout residential and commercial applications because of the strength, durability and security that it provides.


While it’s often associated with commercial needs, homeowners are quickly finding out that chain-link can fulfill their fencing needs. We are familiar with some of the common uses for chain-link fencing, but what are some of the more uncommon applications that may have not even crossed your mind?


Chain-Link Fence Advantages


Before we get into some of the applications, let’s take a quick look at some of the many benefits that chain-link has to offer. Certain landscapes make the installation of a new fence difficult, but chain-link is flexible in adapting to the environment. If you also have a large amount of property to cover, chain-link serves as an affordable solution and still provides the quality you expect. Finally, chain-link fences can stand up to Mother Nature better than wooden fences. Now that you’re a big fan of chain-link, let’s take a look at some applications.


Sport Areas


We are all familiar with chain-link fencing surrounding tennis courts, but you can also use this type of fencing for volleyball courts, soccer fields and designated fitness areas for schools. Chain-link offers flexibility in color choices, and it’s made to be impact resistant. Chain-link is highly favorably to serve as athletic fences since the shape and size can easily be adjusted to fit a variety of needs.


Pet Fencing


Pets can scratch or dig under wooden fences, but they will have a pretty hard time escaping from a yard with a chain-link fence. You don’t need to surround your entire yard with chain-link either, as you can section off any area of your backyard with chain-link. Zoos also prefer to use this as type of material for fencing animals. Chain-link offers the strength to keep the animals safe but is also soft enough not to damage feathers and skin.


Homes and Businesses


People are finding out that a wooden fence is not the only choice in the market. Chain-link fences are becoming much more popular because there are more style and design options than ever before. Security and durability are the cornerstones of chain-link, and savvy home and business owners love the price points.


If would like to learn more information about chain-link fences for your home or business, you deserve to work with a company that can turn your plans into a reality.


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