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Do I Buy Fence Pickets or Stick with Fence Panels?

fence pickets

Whether you go for fence pickets or fence panels, a common material is vinyl.

When it’s time to get a new fence set up, one common question can pop up. This is question is simply, “do I buy fence pickets, or stick with fence panels?” In this blog, we will help you answer that question. We’ll compare fence pickets and fence panels for your convenience. Keep reading to learn more!


Fence Pickets

Why should you buy fence pickets? Let’s break it down. Because building them is a time-consuming venture, perhaps it is better to leave it to the professionals. Buying the pickets piece by piece may at first seem fantastic for saving money and building a custom design, but again, a lot more effort will be needed in exchange. What types of pickets are most common? Wood and vinyl, of course.

Fence Panels

Especially when you work with a certified and well-regarded professional fencing company, fence panels will be more commonplace. Fence panels come in many different styles, and by using fence panels you can greatly conserve time and quality.

Preparing for Fence Pickets or Fence Panels

Whether you decide on fence pickets or fence panels, read on to learn more on how to prepare for their installation.

  • Start by measuring your fence. Have your property line information handy before getting underway. Mark the spots where the fence posts will go. With string, put a plumb line around the perimeter of where you plan the fence to be.
  • Using a post hole digger, dig holes for your fence posts. Concrete can be poured into the holes to add even levels and overall stability. The concrete will support both your fence posts, and the fence itself. Make sure the holes are bigger than your posts. Once dug, make sure holes are 2-3 feet deep, or 24-36 inches.
  • Then level out and fill in the post holes. The plumb line can be used to help make sure all the posts are lined up correctly. Fill up the holes with concrete to hold them in place.

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