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How Can I Maintain My Vinyl Fencing in Winter?

vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing is easy to maintain in Winter.

While vinyl fencing provides an excellent look with minimal maintenance compared to other types of fencing, they still need a little TLC to keep that excellent look year round. Seasonal changes can damage your fence, particularly harsh winter weather, and keeping these fencing maintenance tips in mind will do wonders for your vinyl fence during the cold season.

Check Your Fence For Obvious Defects

Vinyl is a hard-wearing and incredibly durable material, but it is not indestructible. Check your fence before the cold sets in make sure that it’s not visibly damaged. Vinyl will not warp or split, but unpredictable winter weather can make any structural damage even worse.

Remove Plant Material From Vinyl Fencing

Grasses and creepers are less of an issue during the colder months, but can still work their way between fence panels and ruin the look of your vinyl fencing. A dose of weed killer or a thorough pruning will help preserve the look of your fence all winter long.

Get Rid Of Scuffs and Marks

This minor, cosmetic, and relatively simple bit of fencing maintenance can feel like an awful chore in the cold. Take care of this early with a weak soap and hot water solution. If this solution doesn’t do the trick, you may require paint thinner. However, avoid using abrasive cleaners like bleach as they can damage vinyl fencing.

Water and Vinegar Will Save Your Fence

A solution that is one part white vinegar and five parts water will not only discourage the growth of mold and lichen on your fence, but can dissolve water stains. These occur when your fence is exposed to the pollution and dirt in the rain. This inexpensive and easy to make solution is made of things you probably already have in your kitchen, and works wonders on vinyl fencing.

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