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More Fence Repair Tips from Your Virginia Beach Fence Company

When your fence is in disarray, it is important that you repair it to keep your property safe and secure. Some of the most basic repairs only take a few minutes assuming you know your way around a tool or two. Below are common maintenance problems and how you can fix them at home in just a few minutes.Man Drilling Gate Post

  • Fixing a Sagging Gate – when the door of your gate begins to sag or drag on the ground as you open or close the door, a repair needs to be made. So how can you fix a sagging gate? Make sure the posts you already have set up are sturdy and deep, however unless the posts are set in concrete, they will sag over time. To prevent your gate from sagging, you can put a small wheel underneath the moving end of a panel or sagging gate. The wheel takes all the weight and supports a gate or panel to prevent further sagging and enables easy opening and closing for the gate of your fence.
  • Fixing a Gate Latch – Metal gates can come in handy in pens and pastures, and some of these have latches that work with a handle that is pulled or pushed. Typically, the latch is a metal prong that inserts into a hole in an adjacent post when the gate is shut; to open this type of gate, the latch is usually pulled to release from the post. These latches work fine if the posts are solid and never move. Sometimes, however, posts can shift over time, and latches no longer reach them. A simple way to fix this without having to reset posts or rehang gates is to securely nail two small poles or boards on both sides of the latch hole on a gate post. Then the metal latch (when shut) will insert between the two poles or boards and “catch” to hold the gate closed.

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