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Tips for Power Washing Your Vinyl Fence

Tips for Power Washing Your Vinyl Fence

Maybe your vinyl fence is covered in scorch marks?

The summer is a popular time to head to the car wash. Or you could just choose to wash it in your driveway instead. Much like a car wash can be a great refresher for your vehicle, consider how nice a fence wash would be. In all of the heat of summer so far, your fence could be covered in crud. After the wild fireworks displays of Independence Day, your backyard could still be littered with burnt out fireworks. Maybe your vinyl fence is covered in scorch marks? If so, what can you do? Here are some helpful tips for power washing your vinyl fence.

Damages from Leaves and Other Leavings

You may find that algae will build up on your fence. Algae buildup, as well as leaves clustering on your vinyl fence, can lower its aesthetic value. In other words, your fence won’t look as pretty. Fortunately, removing this buildup is easy. Vinyl doesn’t allow anything to infiltrate it, so all the problems are only going to be superficial. But just using a normal garden hose and a hand sponge isn’t going to cut it. In fact, you’ll need a power washer.

Differences Between Power and Pressure Washing

Most people assume that power washers and pressure washers are the same. Power washing involves the use of hot water and high pressure. Pressure washing, on the other hand, uses cooler water along with the pressure.

You Have the Power

You have the power, but you have to use it wisely. In this case, check the power of your pressure washer – how strong is the jet of water going to be? If the power level is too overwhelming, you could leave dents in your fence. For best results, start low and go higher as needed. In this case, a lower setting could range between 500 to 800 PSI. PSI stands for Pressure per Square Inch. If you find the layers of grit are too stubborn, you may need higher pressure settings. Higher settings could be anywhere between 2000 to 3000 PSI.

Wash Your Vinyl Fence

Once you are ready, stand back. But be sure to stand no more than four feet away from your fence. Aim your nozzle at the fence’s bottom end and go up and down. If you find the filth crusting on your fence isn’t moving, you may have to approach the fence and close the gap. If you go closer to your fence, remember to change the power level of the water. Use arcing motions to clean off the fence. Once you’re done, rinse the fence off, because you probably used a cleaning agent to help wash off the fence. Allow it to dry out for no more than fifteen minutes. If you wait longer than that, any leftover substance from the cleaning agent could stick.

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