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What is a Bollard?


Bollards provide a visual guide for traffic and pedestrians.

Bollard what? Originally, bollards were metal posts used to moor a ship. Today, bollards are short posts designed to guide traffic and obstruct vehicle intrusions. Bollards are visual barriers, but they can also withstand significant impact from a vehicle. Although you may never have paid attention to them before, many bollards feature decorative elements that can complement a building or landscape.

Functional Bollards

Bollards can create a visual guide for drivers and direct the flow of traffic. They also prevent access to restricted areas and can protect pedestrian. Security bollards are made from structural grade steel and designed to withstand high-impact collisions. They are often used for sensitive locations such as building entrances, pedestrian areas or exposed utilities.

Decorative Bollards

Bollards don’t have to be industrial though, they can also be decorative and ornamental. Stylish designs with varying shapes, textures, or colors can make bollards a complementary feature in any landscape or design. Decorative bollard covers can also conceal existing security posts and protect them from corrosion while improving their visibility and aesthetics.

Specialized Applications

Some bollards can be installed with versatile mounting systems enabling them to be removed, retracted or collapses. Seasonal or day-to-day parking requirements may change a location’s access needs. Bollards that can adapt to these situations are the ideal solution.

Bollards can also accommodate bicycle storage with bike-locking handles.  Dense urban neighborhoods are the perfect place for bike parking bollards.

Lighting fixtures can be added to bollards to provide increased visibility to pedestrian areas or areas with dark or low-light conditions. Solar energy management systems can even make these fixtures automated with little need for maintenance.

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