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Benefits of A Chain Link Fence in Virginia Beach

chain link fence

While commonly thought of as an enclosure best suited for baseball fields and power stations, chain link fences are actually a very versatile, and practical fencing solution suitable for both residential and commercial properties in Virginia Beach. Hercules Fence is here with information on how a chain link fence can benefit your Virginia Beach residence or business.


One the chief benefits a chain link fence offers is its durability. A chain link fence is made from galvanized steel and can withstand an incredible amount of punishment for many years. Galvanized steel can also be painted to prevent corrosion.

Easy To Fix

If your chain link fence is damaged due to weather, time, or vandalism, the damaged section can be easily cut out and replaced. The new fencing can then be quickly painted to match the old one. Chipped paint is even easier to fix, just break out the pain can and have at it.

Low Maintenance

A chain link fence is incredibly easy to keep in good shape. All Virginia beach residents need to do is take out a hose and periodically rinse it off to keep it shiny and flawless. Aside from washing and very infrequent repairs, that’s all the upkeep you’ll need.


While many believe that the only chain link fence available to them is the drab, grey variety typically used at construction sites. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chain link fences can come in virtually any color imaginable and can be configured to fit any space, and can rise to any height. Virginia Beach residents can even customize their chain link fence wire’s thickness and pattern to create a completely unique look.


A chain link fence is typically much easier to install than other types of fencing. This, in combination with the fact that chain link is ultimately a much easier to manufacture material, means that installing a chain link fence can cost a fraction of a wood or vinyl fence of the same dimensions.

Interested in a Chain Link Fence for Your Virginia Beach Property?

Call Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach. We’re an experienced fencing company with a reputation for providing an incredible variety of quality, and affordable fences for private residences and commercial properties. A chain link is great if you need a fence that’s easy to maintain and cost efficient.

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