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Benefits of Purchasing or Renting a Temporary Fence in Virginia Beach

temporary fenceThere are a vast number of reasons why an individual or corporation should consider renting or purchasing a temporary fence in Virginia Beach. It’s a versatile and very affordable piece of equipment that can help you regulate access for a wide variety of purposes. It can be installed and removed quickly while you wait for more permanent security measures to be installed, or can function for a long time on its own. Hercules Fence Virginia Beach is here with some of the many benefits a temporary fence can provide you or your business with.


Temporary fences are often employed by Virginia Beach Construction companies to prevent public access to hazardous or restricted areas, as well as providing a visual reminder to passers-by that the location is under construction. A temporary fence can also be useful in the prevention of vandalism or theft of expensive construction equipment.

Disaster Cleanup

In the unfortunate event of disasters like earthquakes, explosions, fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes, a temporary fence can be a vital piece of equipment, and is useful for establishing a protective barrier against debris, creating a shelter for the injured, and just generally sectioning off an area of Virginia Beach until more permanent precautions and disaster cleanup can be deployed.

Private Property Security

Temporary fences see frequent use by private property owners in Virginia Beach, who employ them for the purpose of safeguarding their homes against unwanted intruders. A temporary fence can be an affordable, secure barrier against wildlife, thieves and other liability issues that arise from having trespassers on your private property in Virginia Beach.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Temporary fencing can not only be installed quickly, but is also done in such a way as to avoid digging and other permanent alterations to your Virginia Beach properties landscape, making it highly desirreable for those who are renting or leasing their property. Temporary fence sections are also very easy to stack and store, making sure you get maximum use out of your purchase.

Interested in a Temporary Fence for Your Virginia Beach Property?

Call Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach. We’re an experienced fencing company with a reputation for providing an incredible variety of quality, and affordable fences for private residences and commercial properties. A temporary fence is great if you need a fence that’s affordable and can still be installed quickly.

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