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How to Seal Wooden Fences in Norfolk and Virginia Beach

seal wooden fences so they look this good year roundThe crisp, sharp, and clean look of a new fence is a beautiful thing to behold. If you, like us, love that look and want to keep your fence looking sharp for a long time then you need to know when and how to properly apply sealant. Below Hercules Fence will inform you, our fellow fence enthusiasts, about how to check and see if your fence needs sealing, how to prepare to seal wooden fences, and finally how to seal wooden fences.

When to Seal Wooden Fences

First, you need to know how to check if you need to seal your wooden fences. The way to check your fences is simple and involves something called “the splash test”. The best time to perform a splash test is after a couple of days of dry weather, as moisture in the wood can cause false negatives in the splash test. To perform the splash test you simply take a bucket of water and splash water onto small areas of your fence. If the water beads and remains on top of the wood your fence is good and does not need to be re-sealed. However, if your fence quickly darkens and rapidly absorbs the water, then you should reseal your fence.

Preparation to Seal Wooden Fences

After you’ve done the splash test and found that your fence needs to be re-sealed the first preparations you need to make is acquiring the right sealant for your fence. There are a number of sealants out there and they may come in clear, transparent, semi-transparent, or solid colored sealing stains. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but you can use online reviews to give you an idea of the quality of particular products.
While acquiring your sealant, you should also rent or buy a power washer and wood washing fluid if you don’t already have it. For the sealant to work effectively cleaning your wood fence is essential. Make sure you’re wearing protective gear for your eyes and skin when you’re preparing to clean a fence, and that you also put tarps over plants nearby as the chemicals in cleaners can be harmful to them. Follow the instructions for your power washer and cleaning product carefully, and make sure you don’t stand too close to the fence when you apply it, as it can damage the wood and increase the splash back on you. Once you’ve sprayed the fence with cleaner wait 10-15 minutes fro it to do its thing, and then scrub the surface with a stiff brush, and rinse thoroughly.

How to Seal Wooden Fences

Now that the fence is cleaned it’s time to seal wooden fences. To begin with, make sure you have the right equipment (maybe we should’ve mentioned this in the preparation).  A long handled exterior paint pad is very helpful for applying sealant. It allows you to apply evenly without having to bend over or kneel down, however for narrow and hard to reach places paint brushes are necessary.

When applying the sealant make sure the fence is dry, unless your sealent specifies it can be applied to damp fences. Start from the top of the fence and work vertically down the boards. Depending on the size of your boards you may be able to cover one or two at a time. To avoid lap marks keep the leading edge of the area you’re sealing wet and distribute as evenly as possible.

Hercules Fence your Wood Fence Experts in Southern Virginia

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