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Restoring Wood Fencing

wood fence restorationOne problem that homeowners have with wood fencing is that it has a tendency to gray or wear over time. Most people choose to go the replacement route anytime their fence degrades into something less than perfect. Those who move in to new homes with old wooden fences are much more likely to replace than they are to take the time to restore. Did you know that restoring your wooden fence can be up to 90% cheaper than replacing it? There are times when your fence should be replaced or repaired. For instance, if your fence has significant rot or weather damage (ie holes, missing posts, etc) it’s a good idea to go ahead and replace it. There are many instances where restoration is the way to go, too, though. Check out some great ways to restore your Virginia Beach wooden fence.

  1. Power wash it – Power washing is a great way to clean wood decks, fences, and more. You can either hire a company to come out and do the power washing for you or you can rent a power washer yourself at just about any hardware store and do the job pretty easily. You’ll need to be careful about power washing, though, as you could do damage if you don’t follow instructions for power washing.
  2. Hire someone to stain it – The problem with rolling out or using a brush on a fence is that there are lots of crevices and small areas to get into that rollers and brushes just can’t access. Hiring someone to come use an air sprayer will ensure that you get the stain exactly where it belongs for better results. It’ll also make the process go much faster than if you decide to try to do the job yourself.
  3. Replace pickets, boards, and posts that are broken – If you want a uniform look to your fence, you need to make sure that you replace any broken parts. It can also be a safety issue if your whole fence isn’t well taken care of. It helps to have a professional come out to replace the old parts as well. Generally speaking, fence restoration and installation isn’t a good DIY job. You’ll have to dig up old cement and find boards that match – afterwards, those will have to be stained as well. You can see where that project may take you a while.

Regardless of whether you do the project yourself or have someone come in to help you restore your fence, most times restorations can be done that will help you save both time and money when it comes to your wood fences.  Contact Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach at (757) 321-6700, drop in, or contact us on our website to learn more about your fencing and restoration options!

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