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The Fence Post Chronicles: Buying Up Some Chain-Link for Your New Fence

The Fence Post Chronicles: Buying Up Some Chain-Link for Your New Fence

Your fence post is one of the most important aspects of your new fence’s infrastructure.

Putting together your new fence can be a tricky project. After all, you will need to decide what will benefit you the most. Finding the right material for your fence can also be a problem, especially when you need to replace your existing fence with something new. Your fence post is one of the most important aspects of your new fence’s infrastructure. Let’s find out more about this component of your residential fence.

Reasons to Choose Chain-Link 

First of all, let’s talk about some of the most compelling reasons to choose chain-link for your brand new fence. It is incredibly affordable and durable at the same time; plus it’s easy to install and maintain. They give you some decent protection in terms of security and these fences are versatile enough to allow you to customize them as you wish. Also, the labor costs are going to be reduced which is another boost to your budget. 

Reasons to be Cautious About It 

All the same, there are some equally compelling reasons to approach chain-link fencing with a healthy dose of caution. For instance, the curb appeal of your home will take a hit. The gaps in the links will let your dog see it and not discourage them from barking at approaching people and other dogs who they’ll see as interlopers. You’ll also have to contend with figuring out how to increase the amount of privacy this type of fence will provide you with – but at least you can add a privacy screen.

Recommendations for Finding the Best Fence Post  

Finding the best fence post doesn’t need to be an ordeal. Yes, it’s true that every individual fence is different – but one thing they all have in common is that they need to be anchored by a high-quality fence post. Think about how the size and shape of your yard will call for different amounts of fence material. Likewise, the thickness and gauge of the material will make a big difference – a range of 11-11.5 for the chain-link and 15-16 for the line posts and top rail should be sufficient. 

Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach

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