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Three Ways Security Bollards Improve your Property’s Safety

bollardIf you don’t have security bollards, your commercial property or residential facility is vulnerable to attacks by terrorists and burglars who use everyday vehicles as weapons. Security bollards improve your property’s safety by deterring attackers, allowing you to control traffic onto and off of your property, and by preventing any would be attackers from ramming your property. Below, we underline how security bollards improve your property’s safety in each way.


The first way security bollards improve your property’s safety is through deterrence of those who would threaten your building. Security bollards let those who plan to break the law and attempt to attack your property and personnel know that you anticipate hospitality and take security seriously.  They know that if you have security bollards you will likely have additional security, and are prepared for a frontal attack on your property.

Controlling Traffic

The second way security bollards improve your property’s safety is by allowing you to thoroughly control the traffic coming onto and leaving your property. With a security gate house and retractable bollards your security employees can prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your property. Retractable bollards can also be used to prevent people from leaving your property, as in the case of an incident that requires police investigation keeping the pollards up keeps anyone from leaving the property in their car. They can also be used to block additional people from coming in the event of an emergency, like a chemical spill, or attack, only lowering to allow hazmat or the police.

Prevent Ramming

The third and final way security bollards improve your property’s  safety is to prevent ramming. Ram-raids are simple and effective means of attacking a property that might be secured by locked doors, or windows. In a ram-raid a heavy vehicle is driven through the door or windows of closed shop so that the driver can perform a “smash and grab” where they quickly break in, steal all that they can, and leave as quickly as possible. Ramming with cars and trucks is also a common terrorist tactic. A heavy vehicle moving at speed can cause a great deal of damage by itself, but in terrorist attacks the vehicle is often loaded with an improvised explosive device as well. Security bollards placed at the access points to your property, and around the outside walls of your building prevent vehicles from being used to ram your property. This can stop serious damage to life and property, saving many lives and millions of dollars.

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