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What Kind of Fence Should I Get?

Installing a fence around your Virginia Beach property makes sense. It increases your property’s value, ups aesthetic appeal, and provides additional security. However, there’s a wide variety of fencing options and materials out there and deciding on which one is best for your home can be tricky. That’s why Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach is here with few tips to help you find the type of fence that’s right for you and your home.


What Do I Need a Fence For?

Virginia homeowners install fences for a variety of reasons. Some want them for privacy, others need them to protect their pets and children, and some just like how they look. When deciding on the type of fence to build, figuring out what you want that fence to do is key to a satisfactory result. Make sure to place priority on what you need, not what you want.

If you need a privacy fence, wood is typically the best choice although vinyl is occasionally used as well. If you don’t care about privacy and want some style aluminum is a sure bet for a timeless looking fence material.

As far as protecting children and pets, there isn’t any particular type of fence that works better than any other but you should keep the goal in mind when building. If you want to provide safety for a dog, make sure to build a fence that they can’t dig under or jump over.

Think About Maintenance

It’s always important to think about fence maintenance when considering building one. Wooden fences usually need a little bit more tender, loving care than other kinds. Every few years they’ll need to be painted and stained, but their unique appearance often provides a significant boost to property values.

Aluminum and vinyl fences entail minimal upkeep, essentially allowing you to “build and forget.” However if they do suffer damage they are much more difficult to repair than wooden fencing, requiring skilled labor and metallurgy

Find The Best Fencing Contractor

While you can attempt to build a fence on your own, doing the process correctly requires specific tools, a high degree of architectural and landscaping knowledge, and house of hard work. A top-notch fencing contractor can provide you with all of this and more. Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach is one such company, offering the best in fence construction for all our Virginia Beach customers. We’ll even take care of all of the permit acquisition for you.

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