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4 Things You Should Consider Before Installing a New Fence

 4 Things You Should Consider Before Installing a New Fence

Fences can drastically change your home’s appeal, security levels, value, and how you use your yard.

Many benefits are linked to installing a new fence in your home’s yard. Fences can drastically change your home’s appeal, security levels, value, and how you use your yard. There are many things you should consider before embarking on your new fence journey. Listed below are four things you should consider before installing a new fence.

Your Fence’s Purpose

Before you purchase fencing materials, you should determine your fence’s purpose. Are you looking for an increased sense of security? Maybe you want to add some privacy to your home? Another possibility is that you might want a fence because it can add some charm to your yard. There is no single answer to look for here; people install fences for various reasons. However, it’s important to know what your goals are before you start installing a new fence.

What About Maintenance?

If you’re constantly busy and want a fence that requires minimum maintenance, you may want to look into low-maintenance materials like vinyl. Vinyl fencing is durable, appealing, easy to clean, and can last a long time. 

Brush Up on Guidelines

Most cities within the United States have various guidelines, rules, and regulations regarding home fence installations, such as height and property lines. Checking local guidelines or reaching out to your homeowner’s association can provide you with details on fencing requirements and limitations within your city. Having a professional install your fence can also help handle these details for you.

Climate Considerations

The weather where you live may not spring to mind when you think about installing a new fence, but it is an important factor. Some fencing materials won’t last as long in certain weather conditions like constant snow, rain, or sun. For instance, wood fences are susceptible to mold growth, rotting, and water damage, so it’s probably not an ideal choice for places with excessive moisture.

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