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Bollards from Your Virginia Beach Fencing Experts


virginia beach bollardsYou probably read that title and thought, “wait. . .what are bollards?” You know those posts or concrete structures that are used to either hold crowds back or as a decoration? Those are bollards. Many times chains are put up between those posts to prevent people from walking on grass or crossing into an area that they shouldn’t be in. Bollards have been used for centuries, originating in Roman times as mile markers for roads and berthing ships. Since then, they’ve been used for just about everything, including landscaping and parking. At Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach, we have all different types of bollards for whatever your needs may be.

Benefits and Uses of Bollards

  • Security – Bollards are used to keep vehicles out of places that they don’t belong – as well as people sometimes. Security rated bollards are generally heavy enough to completely prevent vehicles coming through them. We go up to a K12 rating and can make bollards out of anything from stone to various types of plastic, depending on your needs.
  • Temporary – These types of bollards are really useful for commercial purposes, especially for companies that host community events and construction companies. Temporary bollards are great for events such as 5k runs, concerts, and more to keep people within a perimeter. For those who work in the construction industry, temporary bollards are useful for civilian safety to help keep them out of hardhat areas.
  • Decorative – Bollards can help you maintain order and cleanliness while still presenting a good aesthetic value. They can be used to emphasize architecture and landscaping when they’re properly set up.  Generally speaking, decorative bollards won’t do anything for impact resistance or security. You’ll want to make sure that your decorative bollards are only meant to visually draw the eye or help corral people.

Bollards from Your Virginia Beach Fencing Experts

Most commercial venues can benefit from using bollards. They’re a great decorative feature and can help you easily keep people and vehicles from entering forbidden areas. We carry both fixed and removable bollards in painted steel, concrete, vinyl coated chain link, and more. Whether you need crash rated or decorative bollards, we’ve got you covered. The knowledgeable people of Hercules Fence have developed a reputation since 1955 for professional service and quality installation. With over 50 years in the fence business, we are well aware that our reputation must be earned anew every day. Helping you choose your Norfolk vinyl fence and getting it installed is one way we can earn your trust and become your permanent fencing company! Contact Hercules Fence of Virginia Beach and Norfolk at (757) 321-6700, drop in, or contact us on our website to learn more about bollards!

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