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Comparing Fencing Materials

fencing materials

A wrought iron fence is one potential fencing material you can choose from.

You’ve made the decision to invest in your home and install a beautiful new fence to compliment your house and yard. Now it’s time to sort through all of the fencing materials available to you—aluminum, wood, vinyl, steel, wrought iron, and chain link. All of these options have various positives (low cost, easy to install, durable) and various negatives (rusting easily, difficult maintenance, high cost). Before you purchase your new fence, here are some of the most common fencing materials and their pros and cons.

All About Aluminum

  • Aluminum fencing is renowned for its versatility and affordability. Aluminum is known for being a very durable material that can withstand high winds and intense storms. As a fencing material, aluminum requires little maintenance.
  • Aluminum is more costly than wood for the initial fence investment, but since it requires less maintenance it will be cheaper in the long run. While aluminum fencing is durable, it is not as strong as steel and is not the best option for a privacy fence.

What About Wood?

  • Wood fencing is a classic! It is what many people think of when they imagine their dream white picket fence, so it is a historical and attractive fencing material. Wood fencing is also relatively inexpensive to initially install. Wood works very well for privacy fences. It’s also ideal for creative people looking for something that can be purchased in many different styles and painted any color of the rainbow.
  • Wood as a fencing material requires a lot of labor-intensive maintenance that can be costly and tiring. You will have to regularly stain or paint your fence to keep it from getting any problems with rotting or decay (and the subsequent costly repairs or replacements).

So What’s Up With Steel?

  • Steel fencing is incredibly strong. It can be designed so that it works with uneven or sloped land, and installation is typically stress-free and simple.
  • With steel as your fencing material, you are certainly paying for the strength. It also isn’t a particularly versatile fence material, and it cannot be used as a privacy fence.

Consider Chain Link

  • Chain link fencing is very inexpensive, making it a popular choice for many residential and commercial settings. It is also very durable and thus a great option for locations that are stormy. Chain link fencing is easy to install and virtually maintenance free.
  • Chain link as a fencing material doesn’t allow much individuality, as they are uniform and utilitarian in their appearance. They also can have rusting problems if they are not properly painted or vinyl coated.

Wood? Vinyl? Chain link?

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