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Traditional or Electric Fences for Dogs?

dog fences

Dog fences give dogs the freedom to play without you fearing for their safety.

Fences are a great way for dog owners to let their dogs have the freedom to play in the yard without fearing for their safety. Electric or invisible fences are a trend right now, so how do you decide whether a traditional or invisible fence is right for your pet? Here’s a quick guide to help you weigh the pros and cons of both.

Invisible Fences

Invisible (electric) fences contain your pets to your yard without the need for a physical barrier. They work by attaching a physical collar to your dog that will administer a shock if he or she steps outside of the boundary you’ve set up. Invisible fences have the benefit of not obstructing views, which could help ward off cranky neighbors. Sometimes invisible fences are a more economical option as well, depending on the materials and space you’d need for a traditional fence. Invisible fences are also unlikely to violate any neighborhood codes.

What are the downsides? An invisible fence requires training for your dog, which can take time and patience. Electric fences are also a bit controversial, as some people consider the “shock” it provides to be in humane. Electric fences also require a power source, usually a battery, to operate. The battery can die at any time, leaving your dog to roam freely. It’s also important to keep in mind that the collar required for an electric fence is not like a traditional dog collar, but much heavier. This can be irritating and problematic for smaller dogs to wear while running around all day.

Traditional Fences

Traditional fences are real boundaries made of physical materials. Traditional fences come in a wide variety of styles and designs. When installing a traditional fence for a dog, it’s important to make sure the height and style are appropriate for keeping your dog inside. You don’t want your dog jumping over, slipping under, or squeezing between your fence posts. Traditional fences may be more costly, but they offer a lot of benefits and will have a much greater lifespan and reliability than an electric fence. A traditional fence defines the space of your yard and can even add property value to your home.

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