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Summer Fence Maintenance Tips

fence maintenance

Don’t let your fence fall into a state of disrepair.

When it comes to fence maintenance, a few clever tips and tricks utilized regularly and with care will help keep your fence preserved for years. This can delay and prevent expensive major reconstruction altogether by ensuring that you catch little problems before they become major and expensive nightmares. Make sure to incorporate these steps into your regular fence maintenance.

Regularly Inspect Your Fence

This inspection should include removing overhanging branches and all of the weeds, excess dirt, or other debris near the base of the fence. Give your fence a thorough once over to make sure that no boards have become warped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Lightly push and pull on a few posts to make sure they are secure.

Do Not Neglect Any Hardware When Considering Fence Maintenance

Take a close look at all of the hinges, latches, and other pieces of hardware which help keep your fence standing upright. If any of these are loose, broken, or require repair, take care of them.

Take The Time To Replace Mulch Or Gravel

If the fence runs along a line of mulch or gravel, it is important to check regularly to make sure that there are no pesky bare spots. If you find any, make sure that they are filled and an unwanted weeds or vegetation is removed before it leads to your fence looking overgrown. You can add flowers or shrubs for a more colorful look with some natural visual interest.

Clean Your Fence

There are several ways you can regularly clean a fence. These involve using either a hose or a power washer. Storms, wear, tear, and regular mowing can lead to a fence being splattered with dirt, mud, and plant matter, which makes a fence look old and uncared for. Regular cleanings will also remove bird droppings and other such unavoidable stains and debris from marring the look of your fence.

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